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What Can You Expect From a Naturopathic Consultation?

An initial Naturopathic medicine consultation lasts over an hour. During the consult, the practitioner will undertake a
thorough holistic assessment including physical, mental and emotional health, social and family history, dietary analysis, as
well as conduct a physical examination which may include blood pressure, pulse, iris, tongue and nail analysis.
An individualised treatment plan is then tailored based on the information gathered.
The treatment may include dietary and lifestyle recommendations, nutritional support, herbal medicine or flower essences.
Because naturopathic medicine aims to address the underlying cause of ill health, several consultations may be required over a
period of time depending on the complexity and chronicity of the case.

Comprehensive Initial Consultations & Review Appointments

Lifestyle, Nutrition and Meal Planning

Acute Consultations for Minor, Short-term Health Concerns

Comprehensive Physical Assessments

Integrated Functional Pathology Testing and Stool Analysis

Womens Health, Sexual Health, Gut Health

Consultation Locations:

Are you feeling stressed, anxious, lacking energy or wanting to improve your overall health and well-being?

Home visits and online consultations are available.

Northern NSW:

Northern NSW visits occur on an adhoc. Please refer to the above booking schedule to see her availability.

Skye offers home visits or these can be organised at a location to suit you.

Online Consultations:

Time poor? Want to have a consult but not wanting to leave the house? Online consultations are done via zoom. These are ideal for people who aren’t Gold Coast based, those with family commitments (young children at home), are time poor or those who are unable to leave the house for various reasons.

Treatment can be posted or delivered depending on location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why self-prescribing can be dangerous?

Although Naturopaths aim to empower and educate individuals to take charge of their own health, we don’t recommend self-prescribing nutrient supplementations for the majority. The reason for this is there is so much information to be found online, this leads to confusion amongst many people of what they should be having and how much. Self-prescribing may lead to under-dosing or overdosing specific nutrients which can cause harm. Or you may be having an inferior over the counter product which is in a different form to what is preferred by practitioners.

Why food alone may not be enough? How do supplements work?

Although a healthy diet is very important for overall health, most diets are lacking in important nutrients. Mainstream agricultural practices designed to mass produce food have led to soil with little nutrient value as well as high levels of herbicide and pesticide spray on the food we eat. And although synthetic vitamins and minerals are being added to food, this is often in inadequate cheap forms and may not be enough to address nutrient deficiencies.

How are flower essences different from herbal medicine and homeopathic medicine?

Flower essences are a gentle energetic form of medicine. Rather than herbal medicine which has extracted the active constituents and phytochemicals of the plant, flower essences capture the energetic and vibrational properties of the flower. Unlike homeopathy which is a diluted and potentized form of energetic medicine with remedies made from plants, minerals, and animals, flower essences are safe without the chance of causing an aggravation if the wrong remedy is chosen.

Why do I offer a free mini consult?

A lot of people are unsure if Naturopathy can help them and it can be challenging to find a practitioner that is a good match for your needs. The free call/consult will help both you and I discover whether we are a good match to work together before you commit your time and money.