I listened to a webinar last night from a wonderful fellow practitioner @thatnaturopath about the already scary reality of EMF’s (electro magnetic field) which is about to be sky rocketed with 5G technology. It sparked my passion for environmental health and I wanted to share some of the info from last night.

EMF’s can be identified as natural or man made. Natural EMF’s are produced by the earth, they assist the environment, animals and humans and all cells respond to these natural EMF’s.

There is substantial amounts of evidence showing the damaging effects of man made EMF frequencies on human health, animals and the environment. Not just ionising EMF’s, but non-ionising EMF’s which have been marketed as “safe”.

If 5G is to be rolled out, we can expect that to really intensify.

Why do we need to say no to 5G and be actively involved in stopping this.

❌7.5k papers have been published showing the dangers of man made EMF (including older technologies like 3g and 4g which are having their own significant health impacts), these mostly resulted in cancer and death for rats. There are 3k papers showing no issues, however these papers are all funded by teleco companies.
❌5G is an addition to 3G and 4G technology, not a replacement, leading to more EMF exposure causing further health issues from a technology that hasn’t been independently deemed safe.
❌Melatonin issues, insomnia, circadian rhythym disturbance, neurological symptoms, fatigue and gut issues are just a few issues associated with EMF exposure.
❌Due to the millimeter wave lengths, towers will be placed every 50-250M in built up areas effecting all homes in these areas with you not having a say if you’re trying to reduce your exposure.
❌ Bee ? populations are already endangered, man made EMF’s disturb the natural EMF’s which animals and the environment rely on, bee populations will reduce even further.
❌20,000 satellites ?proposed to launch to provide the globe with 5G technology, so there is no escaping. There is also potential for catastrophic effects on the ozone.

These are just a handful of concerns. But don’t live in a state of fear. People power creates change.

If you’re concerned and want to do something. Sign the latest petition that is going around on change.org. Message me for more ways you can help make a change.

There is also a global protest happening this Saturday. I’m unaware of one on the Gold Coast, please let me know if there is one close by.