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Services that Skye offers:

Naturopathic Consultations

Women’s Health & Wellbeing 

Integrative and Functional Pathology

Mental & Emotional Health

Nutrition and Meal Planning

Acute and flower essence consults (30 mins)

Iridology & Iridology Reports

Gut Health and Digestion

Skye is experienced in all aspects of general Naturopathic practice, but has special interests in the following areas:

  • Mental and emotional health including stress, anxiety, overwhelm, obsessive compulsive traits and depression
  • Digestive concerns including loss of appetite, food intolerances, indigestion, bloating and constipation
  • Excessive fatigue and lack of energy
  • Addictions and addiction management
  • Irregular menstrual cycles, preconception care and fertility
  • Sexual health, libido support and hormonal imbalance

Skye creates individualised treatment plans for every person as each individual is different, with varying needs when it comes to health, healing, and well-being.

The treatment may include dietary and lifestyle recommendations, nutritional supplementations, herbal medicine, flower essences or homeopathics.

Skye only use high-quality Practitioner only products which have been extensively tested for optimal quality .

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What is Herbalism?

The History of Herbalism

Herbal medicine is the oldest form of medicine, with the first written record of medicinal plants created by the Sumerians in ancient Mesopotamia 5000 years ago.

Around 1550BC the Ancient Egyptians wrote Ebers Papyrus which contained 700 herbal medicine formulas for different conditions. Some of these herbs are still commonly used today and the properties listed by the Egyptians have been supported by scientific studied conducted in the last 100 years. These include the digestive assistant properties of garlic, the anti-emetic properties of mint, the laxative properties of licorice and the antibacterial properties of honey.

Herbal medicine is also the most widely used system of medicine in the world today. Herbalism can be used to help treat and may assist in the prevention of disease, promote health and for enhancing the quality of life.

Possible Benefits of Herbal Medicine

Herbs contain active constituents which have a therapeutic effect on the body, they can be used for all stages of life, from newborns to the elderly. Although herbal medicines are often safe and can be effective for many conditions, there is a potential for side effects and interactions with other medications. There are also sub-quality herbal products easily available online which can cause harm. For these reasons, it is important to see a qualified Naturopath or herbalist before taking herbal medicine to ensure optimal safety and effectiveness.

What Are The Types of Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine can be dispensed as herbal extracts, powdered herbs or as capsules/tablets. Herbal extracts is one of the most popular ways which herbalists use the medicine. It involves the plant matter being soaked in a form of alcohol, the alcohol extracts the phytochemicals and constituents from the plant and acts as a preservative, it is then turned into a tincture. Tinctures of various herbs can be blended together to help address your individual needs.

Can Herbal Extracts be Made Without Alcohol?

Yes. There are also alcohol-free versions of herbal extracts for certain plants, which may be preferred for those who are wishing to avoid all forms of alcohol.

Skye is a herbalist on the Gold Coast, with consulting rooms in Reedy Creek and Coolangatta. Skye is also available for home visits and online consults, for those who are unable to travel.

What are flower essences?

Flower essences are a form of energetic medicine that have been used for hundreds of years by many cultures who have had a close relationship with the land. The essences are made by infusing the blossoming flower into water under the sun, this process captures the signature of the plant into the extract. It is then stabilised with a small amount of alcohol

What are flower essences used for?

Flower essences are used to support the deeper, emotional level. They are often used to help ease emotional states such as stress, anxiety, irritability, fear, heartbreak, and nightmares. They can have a positive impact to increase confidence and self-esteem, libido and sensuality, intuition, focus, and creativity while letting go of ruminating thoughts and belief systems that no longer serve you.

They can be used for animals, children, relationships and family issues and can be beneficial during times of transition such as pregnancy, starting school and divorce.

What are flower essences?

What is involved in a flower essence session?

A flower essence consult involves working together to formulate a blend that is specific for you. Multiple essences over a period of time may be needed depending on the circumstances and the layers involved.


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

A statement that many Naturopaths and Nutritionists practice. As significant as this message is, it shouldn’t disregard the importance of medication for people experiencing serious and chronic health conditions. Although, optimal nutrition is still highly important for these people.

What is the Importance of Nutrition?

Nutrients are essential elements with different and unique biochemical reactions and functions within the body. Impaired digestive function, lack of adequate nutrition or an excess of nutrient void food is strongly associated to many health conditions.

There is a substantial amount of scientific literature and traditional knowledge which shows deficiencies or excesses in certain macronutrients, vitamins and minerals can lead to ill health. For example, vitamin C deficiency and its association with scurvy, iodine deficiency in pregnant women leading to impaired brain development of the foetus, excessive sodium associated with hypertension.

Should I See a Naturopath or Nutritionist?

Qualified Naturopaths are highly trained in nutritional medicine. During a holistic Naturopathic consult, there is a strong focus looking into the person’s symptoms, their circumstances, their diet, and their history. Dietary monitoring may be required and recommendations may be given. Skye aims to work with her clients at their level, she realises that some people aren’t ready for a complete diet overhaul. Sometimes the smallest change can have the most profound impact.

It is also important to know that specific long term medication can lead to a deficiency in certain nutrients in which supplementation is required to help replenish stores. This is something that both Naturopaths, Nutritionists, and Dietitians may be able to help the client address.

Lifestyle Counselling

The internet provides a wealth of information available at your fingertips, however the information and advice you find online may not always be the best advice for your specific needs as it doesn’t take your individual circumstances into consideration. Naturopaths provide lifestyle counselling that is suited to your individualistic needs, it is aimed to educate and empower individuals and is based around who you are, what you are wanting to achieve and where you’re at in the readiness to change model.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why self-prescribing can be dangerous?

Although Naturopaths aim to empower and educate individuals to take charge of their own health, we don’t recommend self-prescribing nutrient supplementations for the majority. The reason for this is there is so much information to be found online, this leads to confusion amongst many people of what they should be having and how much. Self-prescribing may lead to under-dosing or overdosing specific nutrients which can cause harm. Or you may be having an inferior over the counter product which is in a different form to what is preferred by practitioners.

Why food alone may not be enough? How do supplements work?

Although a healthy diet is very important for overall health, most diets are lacking in important nutrients. Mainstream agricultural practices designed to mass produce food have led to soil with little nutrient value as well as high levels of herbicide and pesticide spray on the food we eat. And although synthetic vitamins and minerals are being added to food, this is often in inadequate cheap forms and may not be enough to address nutrient deficiencies.

How are flower essences different from herbal medicine and homeopathic medicine?

Flower essences are a gentle energetic form of medicine. Rather than herbal medicine which has extracted the active constituents and phytochemicals of the plant, flower essences capture the energetic and vibrational properties of the flower. Unlike homeopathy which is a diluted and potentized form of energetic medicine with remedies made from plants, minerals, and animals, flower essences are safe without the chance of causing an aggravation if the wrong remedy is chosen.

Why do I offer a free mini consult?

A lot of people are unsure if Naturopathy can help them and it can be challenging to find a practitioner that is a good match for your needs. The free call/consult will help both you and I discover whether we are a good match to work together before you commit your time and money.


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