This iris shows a very obscure collarette, otherwise known as the Autonomic Nerve Wreath (ANW). This sign suggests a disrupted nerve supply to the area, leading to chronic digestive issues including spasm, diarrhoea and nutrient malabsorption.

The dark brown overlay may suggest a sluggish liver and gallbladder function further worsening digestive issues and nutrient malabsorption.

This iris possibly also indicates a very sensitive person who may experience significant feelings of anxiousness and stress if not taking the time to self-care.

Recommendations for this kind of iris are stress reduction and mindfulness techniques, regular movement without excessive energy expenditure, a diet high in easy to digest nutrient rich foods and reduction in foods which can increase inflammation and further weaken intestinal lining.

Iridology can give you amazing insight into someone’s emotional, mental and physical health, however it is only one tool that is used within my naturopathic consultations and it never used to diagnose.
Permission granted from client to post photos.


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