Where no growth or learning occurs.

I’m sure many of you have experienced these different stages of progress once stepping outside of the comfort zone. Sometimes a strong reaction may lead you to perhaps retreat back into that zone.

I had that urge today. I was in a fear zone?

I shared my latest 5G post on a community page near where I live and didn’t I cop it!!! A lot of memes of tin foil hats, some demeaning comments, others comparing my views and myself to complete quackery.

Part of me wanted to retreat, delete the post and unfollow the group. Thinking I’ll save my posts for my bubble of health conscious beings. Massively triggered into questioning my own voice and what right I have to share my views on a bigger platform.

But I faced my fears, I faced challenges and I realised that this is why I do what I do. And to be ok with the fact there will be many people who want to shut me down, people who will spread their hate towards any non-mainstream views. People who think Naturopaths have no medical knowledge at all despite our Health Science Bachelor education. But these are the people that I most want to reach, to plant a seed, to spread compassion and to help make a change.

Spreading hate with hate just goes nowhere and creates resentment and a fearful and hateful mentality. What I wish for these people is to remain open minded. Skepticism is healthy, but to completely dismiss everything that goes against your views will make you a bitter, closed minded being.

@brenebrown has been an amazing teacher over the years. I highly recommend Brene’s work if you’re wanting to enhance your self confidence and take risks.

In what ways have you stepped out of your comfort zone lately? Was anything holding you back?